Anthony & Jessica’s Wedding – Kelowna Wedding Photographer

I was honored to photograph Anthony and Jessica’s Wedding. I have known Jessica for years, as she was one of my Youth at my Church. I quite enjoyed our time together planning for the photos for their wedding. These two are such love birds! I was so excited when Jessica mentioned that she found a farm with a Barn and as well a field with horses. I was so excited to take photos at this location on the day of the wedding, and had to be dragged out, as I could have spent many hours taking photos at that location. Overall it was a beautiful wedding! Congratulations on your Marriage!

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Carli – Kelowna Portrait Photographer

I was honored when Carli, asked me to take some photos of her in her wedding address. Carli has lost weight and wanted to celebrate her new look! I have known Carli for the last 5 years, and have seen her with her huge body transformation! Carli wanted to show off her new transformed body…in her wedding dress. Carli your confidence is radiant!



Wilson & Ruth’s Winter Wedding – Kelowna Wedding Photographer

Wilson and Ruth got married in the winter. Might I add this was probably one of the coldest days of the whole winter.The one thing Ruth really wanted was for it to snow on her wedding day, which is exactly what she got. It was a very unique wedding, as some of Ruth’s family was not able to be there. I got some beautiful shots of Ruth talking to her parents over FaceTime, what a special moment for her and her family.

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Anthony and Jessica’s Engagement – Kelowna Engagement Photographer

This post is a little bit delayed, but I am so excited to post it! Anthony and Jessica are getting married this summer, and I am so excited to be able to photograph their wedding!! I have known Jessica since we were young; I was even her youth leader at our church. I am so happy you have found your Prince Charming! You can really see the chemistry between these two love birds.
Congratulations you two!!



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New Year…New Goals

I’m never into New Years Resolutions, but have decided to make myself a goal this year. I am wanting to give my love for Photography a little more attention this year, and want to be continually having shoots and posting pictures.  This year will be full of excitement as 2014 already is booked for a few weddings; one of them special to me, as it is my sister in law. So here is to 2014!!!