Anthony & Jessica’s Wedding – Kelowna Wedding Photographer

I was honored to photograph Anthony and Jessica’s Wedding. I have known Jessica for years, as she was one of my Youth at my Church. I quite enjoyed our time together planning for the photos for their wedding. These two are such love birds! I was so excited when Jessica mentioned that she found a farm with a Barn and as well a field with horses. I was so excited to take photos at this location on the day of the wedding, and had to be dragged out, as I could have spent many hours taking photos at that location. Overall it was a beautiful wedding! Congratulations on your Marriage!

IMG_0393-2 IMG_0442-2  IMG_0517-2


IMG_0686-2 IMG_0815-2 IMG_0825-2 IMG_0837-2 IMG_0844-2 IMG_0860-2 IMG_0869-2 IMG_0874-2  IMG_0894-2IMG_0872-2 IMG_0898-2 IMG_1009-2 IMG_1053-2 IMG_1095-2 IMG_1105-2 IMG_1109-2 IMG_1123-2 IMG_1130-2 IMG_1180-2 IMG_1348-2 IMG_1350-2 IMG_1362-2 IMG_1364-2 IMG_1400-2 IMG_1432-2 IMG_1455-2 IMG_1481-2 IMG_1563-2 IMG_1604-2 IMG_1613-2

IMG_1915-2 IMG_1927-2 IMG_1932-2 IMG_1940-2 IMG_1949-2 IMG_1955-2 IMG_1975-2 IMG_1978-2 IMG_1997-2 IMG_2008-2 IMG_2090-2 IMG_2116-2 IMG_2128-2 IMG_2253-2 IMG_2277-2 IMG_2308-2 IMG_2343-2 IMG_2354-2 IMG_2375-2 IMG_2390-2 IMG_2398-2 IMG_2417-2 IMG_2429-2 IMG_2438-2 IMG_2440-2 IMG_2443-2 IMG_2461-2 IMG_2463-2 IMG_2464-2 IMG_2466-2 IMG_2472-2 IMG_2476-2 IMG_2486-2 IMG_2504-2  IMG_2522-2 IMG_2533-2IMG_2554-2IMG_2565-2IMG_2512-2IMG_2559-2  IMG_2566-2 IMG_2599-2IMG_2592-2  IMG_2656-2 IMG_2659-2 IMG_2663-2 IMG_2670-2 IMG_2676-2 IMG_2685-2 IMG_2697-2 IMG_2698-2 IMG_2706-2 IMG_2707-2 IMG_2708-2 IMG_2716-2 IMG_2724-2 IMG_2740-2 IMG_2769-2

IMG_2798-2 IMG_2809-2 IMG_3402-2


One thought on “Anthony & Jessica’s Wedding – Kelowna Wedding Photographer

  1. Now back in France, looking at these photos, it is such a special reminder of the wonderful day we spent together. Love to both of you, from Auntie Lina, Uncle Gaetan and family. xoxo

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