Wilson & Ruth’s Winter Wedding – Kelowna Wedding Photographer

Wilson and Ruth got married in the winter. Might I add this was probably one of the coldest days of the whole winter.The one thing Ruth really wanted was for it to snow on her wedding day, which is exactly what she got. It was a very unique wedding, as some of Ruth’s family was not able to be there. I got some beautiful shots of Ruth talking to her parents over FaceTime, what a special moment for her and her family.

IMG_3397IMG_3368IMG_3380IMG_3366IMG_3449 IMG_3451 IMG_3493 IMG_3495 IMG_3528  IMG_3459IMG_3463  IMG_3627IMG_3636  IMG_3675IMG_3641IMG_3642  IMG_3683 IMG_3765 IMG_3792 IMG_3795 IMG_3821 IMG_3916 IMG_3921 IMG_4041-2 IMG_4193 IMG_4268IMG_3423 IMG_3431-2 IMG_4021 IMG_4046 IMG_4069 IMG_4070-2 IMG_4073 IMG_4093 IMG_4129 IMG_4152 IMG_4286 IMG_4297 IMG_4301 IMG_4318IMG_4312 IMG_4341

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