The Hanks – The Whole Family – Family Portrait Photography

I was happy to photograph my Brother and his family. Last pictures I did of the whole family, was when my sister-in-law was still pregnant. Enjoy!

IMG_5689 IMG_5692 IMG_5720 IMG_5741 IMG_5774 IMG_5804 IMG_5820 IMG_5836 IMG_5858 IMG_5862 IMG_5868 IMG_5889 IMG_5891 IMG_5910

Anthony and Jessica’s Engagement – Kelowna Engagement Photographer

This post is a little bit delayed, but I am so excited to post it! Anthony and Jessica are getting married this summer, and I am so excited to be able to photograph their wedding!! I have known Jessica since we were young; I was even her youth leader at our church. I am so happy you have found your Prince Charming! You can really see the chemistry between these two love birds.
Congratulations you two!!



IMG_4941 IMG_4970 IMG_5014 IMG_5025 IMG_5034 IMG_5040 IMG_5059 IMG_5072 IMG_5079 IMG_5108 IMG_5173 IMG_5207 IMG_5209 IMG_5213 IMG_5217 IMG_5254 IMG_5271 IMG_5279 IMG_5387 IMG_5405 IMG_5441